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Our Story

For centuries, in Ethiopia, villagers have come together each day for an afternoon coffee ceremony. This time of community, orchestrated around coffee, is the highlight of their day as they slow down to enjoy the moment with each other. This relational identity of coffee is what inspired us to begin roasting small batch, specialty coffees. To enhance our moments with those we love and value most.

Part of our "Identity" is to give back to organizations helping women and children in crisis improve their lives, both locally and internationally.

Founded in 2016, Identity Roasters only purchases Grade 1 & 2, Fair Trade & Organic (or "clean") coffees from the most desirable coffee producing countries on Earth! Our benchmark of quality is unmatched, and our commitment to community is why we exist.

So join us as we make the choice to live our lives, and the coffee we roast and drink, with purpose!

We are local, we are present, we care about you!

Identity Roasters is a family-owned, Boise operated roaster. We purposefully purchase and roast the finest coffees in the valley. Specializing in Organic & Fair Trade "boutique" style coffees.

If you are interested in partnering with us for your coffee needs, we would love to speak to you.

We can offer barista training, training materials, coffee sourcing info, equipment leasing, free weekly delivery, retail coffee supplies, machine maintenance, and unmatched service, and our wholesale prices are lower than all similar roasters in the area.

Plus, know that our team will be lifting up your team in prayer for success and growth!

Our Current Offers

Our current offers are: Identity Espresso Blend, Peru Chirinos, Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, Myanmar Mandaly, Honduras Copan.

Drip Pot Brewing at Home

Most coffee lovers enjoy brewing at home, through a Mr. Coffee style drip pot!
Here are a few pointers to make your Identity Roasters coffee taste top notch!

  1. Always grind your beans fresh, just before brewing. Fresh coffee has loads of antioxidants and health benefits, but they begin to oxidize out of the coffee within 10 minutes of grinding. *Always grind fresh just before brewing for optimal health benefits!
  2. SCAA standards recommend 7.15 g of coffee per "cup" of coffee on a drip pot.
    - For a 12 "cup" coffee pot (Mr Coffee), you should use between 3-3.11 oz (85 g) of coffee for a full drip pot.
    - Or for lesser amounts, use .75 oz (21.2 g) of beans per 3 "cups" on your drip brewing system.
    Although brewing through a drip pot doesn't give you the best extraction .... quality coffee can still give your morning an incredible start!

Enjoying AeroPress

For those who like their coffee bold, with a new and hearty profile, try this handy single cup brew method!

  1. First you need an AeroPress kit.

    $30-$40 depending on where you buy!

    Get one with a carry bag, its slick!

  2. Depending on how you like your coffee, try using 18 g (.66 oz) of freshly-ground coffee the first few times. Or you can use up to 21 g. for that full flavor experience!
  3. After adding your fine ground coffee, fill the remainder of the chamber with 195 degree water.
  4. Use the included wand to stir in the grinds evenly.
  5. Steep 45 seconds. Prewet the filter, screw the top on, and invert over your mug.
  6. Applying even pressure, push the plunger downward, forcing the coffee through the paper filter, until you hear a hiss sound.
  7. Stop the press, discard your used grinds, rinse your weapon, and enjoy your AeroPress coffee!

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